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Dogs’ Guide To Good Manners

Welcome to Dogsify behaviour training – we will do what ever we have to do to make sure your dog is all the better for knowing us – that we guarantee.

Dogsify behaviour training is all about second chances – for dogs and their owners – hit the reset button and try again with the right guidance in place and watch how well things go a second time around.

Starting out – We are registered with the Companion Animal Welfare Council and also are fully insured so we are able to assist with Dog ASBO issues to help prevent criminal proceedings happening against owners (if you don’t know about the 2014 Dangerous Dog Act please make yourself aware of it urgently (we have created a FREE summary and explanation PDF – all you need to do is sign up on the right and we will send it to you) – the changes are dramatic.

If you have a dog with a (CPN) Community Protection Notice please get in touch and we will either help or will be able to recommend someone locally who can. We offer a ‘fast track emergency training scheme’ for extreme cases

Our core business is opening communication channels between dogs and their owners because a little ‘dog’ language goes a very long way or to put it another way – you already speak dog every day and your dog understands you very well – the problem is that what you are saying is not what you mean and that’s where we come in.

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Dogsify Services

Project based ‘Depression Buster’ dog training is a personal passion for us – our “Depression buster” is unique in the world of both training and therapy – we work closely with a small number of hand selected individuals with this pioneering therapy – we are very proud of both the dogs and the people – the results have been nothing short of miraculous – if you would like to be considered for this world wide unique depression therapy please contact us personally. Dogs have, for 15000 years been mans best friend and this is just another perfect example of why.

We are a husband and wife team who are currently living in the South East of England – near London – we learned our craft from training ‘schools’ in Sweden, Spain and England over the past 20 years and have honed down a reward/consequence (non violent or abusive) based training solution which works with pretty much every dog (as long as you have the patience). Over the years we have been through most of the non aggressive training courses so we have something for everyone.

Be aware – we DO NOT believe in cruelty and will not use Electric Shock Collars, Prong collars or Citrus Spray cans and we will report cruelty to animals.

Loving a dog is easy but giving it the life it deserves takes a little effort – just pick up the phone or send us an email and we will do all we can to help out. To meet your dog we always travel to your home simply because that is where your dog starts with its problems.


OK so what are you waiting for – get in touch to say hi and ask us your questions – we will answer as many as we can as quickly as possible and will be posting answers on our free members blog so please make sure to check out for your answers there.

Final word – like all dog behaviourists we have to eat so we do charge when we visit but we do guarantee that if we can’t get your dog to improve within the first session the only payment we will ask for is travel costs – that’s we guarantee.