Who are we and what do we do?

Dog Training Should be fun time with your dog – if it’s not then it’s Time to Get Dogsified!

A person who is understands what their dog wants and needs and whose dog understands their owners in return – now that’s dogsification 101!

Modern beliefs has set up several ‘camps’ in the dog training/behaviour arena – some believe a dog needs to be controlled and dominated while other camps believe in ignoring the bad and praising the good.

If you understand your dog enough to know that your dog has a personality and is capable of some logical thoughts – why would you not logically challenge the ‘one size fits all’ solution to owning a dog?

While dogs are wonderful, rewarding and selfless animals who love nothing more than being around us when we are not going crazy they, like us, have the ability to have a ‘bad day’ or a proverbial ‘headache’ which can make them feel under the weather occasionally – we sometimes need to understand that we do have a dog, not a person, living with us who will need some slack occasionally.

One of our fundamental rules is that, just like with a child, there are many ways to damage a dog – physical is one way but mental can be just as cruel so we are very conscious that every dog has needs on a mental as well as physical level – ironically satisfying your dogs needs often end up being exactly what the owner needed – more often than you might believe.

While we firmly believe in the dog having manners we vehemently do not want to rob the dog of its personality to try to create a robot dog with no soul when its around you – just like anyone else who lives with us manners are mandatory and that is why we offer the ‘dogs’ guide to good manners’

We ask you to join us free as a member of www.TrainNotPain.org this is where we raise/promote petitions to help animals – our first is England – Ban the electric shock collar and we really need help with signatures. Inside the members area we will be paying on free information about trainers in your area, lost/found dog notifications.

Join us here at www.Dogsify.co.uk as a member and we will send you all sorts of goodies – tips & tricks to help with your dogs issues and a private member area question centre where you can ask us direct questions plus we are often offered exclusive discounts on dog related products which we will pass along to our Dogsify club members.

Basic principles of our training:

We DO NOT support or work with those who use of prong collars or electric collars or any other form of abuse.

Your dog is your best friend – they need you to know who they are and what mood they are in – usually they reflect your own mood.

You are your dogs entire world – do not hit, abuse, ignore or starve them – we do report neglect to the RSPCA when we find it.

Dogs won’t lie – they do not have a ‘PC’ brain so don’t expect them to like someone they don’t like – they can learn to tolerate and thats manners.

When we train – we don’t just train the dog or just the owner – we train the family together.

We have no interest in making a dog roll over, beg or deal a pack of cards – a dogs’ guide to good manners is what it says on the tin.

If you need help with your dog you can contact us through our members area – we will answer as many questions as we can as soon as possible.

Happy Dogsification and we are delighted to have you along for the walk.

Our Skills

Dog Psychology 100
Dog Health Checks 95
Doggy Dietician 90
Dog Laws 75
Dog Walking/Potty Break 75
Home Introduction 80

Our Valuable Team Members

Vips Kirrage
Vips KirrageDog Psychologist & Holistic Health Advicer
40+ years of dog experience. Born in Sweden but moved to the UK as a young adult. Avid fan of holistic alternative health options along with dog psychology.
Simon Kirrage
Simon KirragePsychologist for dogs and people
40+ years of dog experience, very keen on using ‘mans best friend’ to help depressed and anxious people to cope with life. Both human and dog really benefit

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