Dogsify “Depression Buster”

Depression Buster

We are always delighted to have a new member of our Depression busting challenge….

as we know how hard it is to start something new and we are here all the way to support you as much or as little as you want throughout your journey. We would really love to know how you get on along your journey and if you are willing to be part of the journey itself – the ups and the downs – without the downs there is no up!

This training was created as a reaction to getting out of depression so you shouldn’t find anything here that you can’t get through even when feeling down – the aim of the training is to let you prove to your dog and yourself that, as you become ready, you are able to master all the aspects of the training. As you go through the training your dog will be marking how well you do and your dog is incapable of lying to you.

Follow the training and you will end up with a healthy, happy and balanced dog and without even trying you will find that your outlook on life has significantly improved. There is no graphic connection between the training and depression described throughout (except where explanation is required) as the training is meant to lead you along the path without pulling you by the nose.Your dog is a 100% natural animal who is looking to you for their future – with our guidance you will be able to provide everything your dog will ever want from their owner – remember this is not always a quick fix as your a dogs life is complex and every dog owner has made mistakes in the past just as many will in the future, but don’t let todays mistakes be repeated in your tomorrows, just try again.

  • Dog feeding – Feed your dog the right food to get the right dog – if you give it chips don’t expect it to be healthy – rubbish in – rubbish out. Healthy nutrition is key to a healthy & happy dog
  • Exercise – of the mind and the body – exercise can be done indoors, in the garden, street or just about anywhere you happen to be (yes even in bed) – there are several forms of exercise and you need to get the amount you give your dog balanced so your dogs brain and body is challenged to avoid it becoming bored, overweight or unhappy.
  • Groom your dog – no matter what kind of dog you have the act of grooming is vital to being able to touch and be close to your dog – this part of the training is vital as at any time you may need to take your dog to the vet, where they will need to be able to lay hands on your dog. Plus your dog will instantly feel the benefits of some TLC to their bodies and you can also be sure that your dog is physically doing well.
  • Patience – nearly every act of training that you will do with your dog will involve patience at one level or another, never skimp on taking the time – investing an extra 5 minutes will pay dividends for the rest of your dogs life.
  • Calmness – Being calm is THE key to having a happy dog – your dog won’t accept you pretending, they need you to be calm – they read your energy just like you read body language of every person you ever meet – instinctively.
  • Communicate,  your dog needs to know what you want them to do – communication is all about ‘chatting’ with your body not your mouth. If you don’t send the right signals you won’t get the right responses.
  • Unsure – your dog needs you to tell it how to be safe, when to eat and what to do in certain situations – you already know all the answers to your dogs questions, so you will need to let your instinctual leader skills come through to help your dog through. We will guide you through it.

Finally please remember that although you are training your dog, your dog is also training you. As you walk down this path together, you can be sure your dog absolutely needs and wants you – they are not built to hurt you and will not desert you but they do need you to work with them for the sake of both of you. If you get something wrong along the way go back and start again, that’s part of the beauty of dog psychology. They have unconditional love and all they want to do is share it with you – for every minute of every day.
Wishing you the very best of luck and remember contact us often, don’t be afraid to fail because every success will help both your dog and you to find the right solution for you and never be afraid to try something new if it works for you both. Lastly take your time – your dog will love you just the same if it takes an extra month to get through the training successfully.

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